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Saundra Miller

"Success is earned not given," Saundra lives this saying to the T she started out in retail working her way up to managment then running numerous stores around the nation. She is one of the founders of BFC, her passion for helping others is unmatched and is why our company stands where it does today.

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Thomas Ingram

Thomas started out as a lawyer for one of the biggest firms in the nation. Working long hours and sleepless nights Thomas decided to give that a break. He then turned his focus to the stock market where he was able to gain the base knowlege of trading. Eventually he transitioned over to Forex using some of his same stratigies. After learning this useful skill Thomas decided to pass this knowledge on and help novice investors.

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James Taylor

From rags to riches James Taylor brings that to life saying to life. He was former construction worker who sufferd an injury that left him struggling. He was introduced to forex by Sandra. After turning his life around he then partnered with Saundra to form Blue Face Marketing.