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Laura Macias

Head of our sales team, Laura contiunes to out preform the competition taking our company to the next level. If we have any pending sales she's our go to closer, Laura graduated top of her class at the most prestigious school in the country. Shortly after graduating she was head of a sales at a small start up company then brought her talents to BFM

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Saundra Miller

"Success is earned not given," Saundra lives this saying to the T she started out in retail working her way up to managment then running numerous stores around the nation. She is one of the founders of BFC, her passion for helping others is unmatched and is why our company stands where it does today. Saundra Miller also assists with the sales.

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Sarah Jones

Full of life Sarah finds joy in making an impact. With relentless effort and drive sarah provides Blue face with some of their top clients. Sarah Enjoys spending time with her famlily and rock climbing in her spare time.